Welcome to HackNJIT 2022, NJIT's Yearly Hackathon and welcome back to our first year back fully in-person!

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$5,418 in prizes
Cryptocurrency logo Prizes paid in cryptocurrency

1st Place

For the "Best in Show", $1500 split across the team!

2nd Place

For the "2nd Place Runner Up", $1000 split across the team!

3rd Place

For the "3rd Place Runner Up", $500 split across the team!

Best Camping Themed Hack

Welcome to Camp! $150 headphones for each member for the team!

Best Freshman Hack

A team of 50% or more freshman! The winning team will win a Switch Lite for each member of the team.

Best Use of Verbwire API (2)

"Verbwire is the Universal NFT API. No prior blockchain experience is needed, to use the Verbwire API. A developer can leverage the Verbwire API and in very little time start building NFT-based applications on multiple blockchains. We connect to 14 blockchains, including 7 mainnets and 7 testnets."

Most innovative product: $300 total - 2 prizes of $150 each
(2 ) Simple and Impactful: $200 total - 2 prizes of $100 each
(3) Honorable mention: $500 total prize pool. $25 per team, distributed across 20 teams that submit projects using our API. The teams here would not have been awarded prizes in any other categories. If more than 20 teams qualify, we will pick the top 20 teams.

1. The project should mention the use of the Verbwire API on their submission page
2. The source code should be in a public repository on github with instructions
3. If possible, the submission should include a short youtube (preferred) or powerpoint presentation on the submission page

Best Use of DeSo
Cryptocurrency logo

$100 worth of $DESO coin, an exclusive DeSo Tumbler, and a YubiKey!

Best Domain Name from Domain.com

Register a .Tech domain name using Domain.com during the weekend for your chance to win a Domain.com branded backpack for you and each member of your team! Each team may submit one entry per person on the team. The more creative the domain the better!

Best Use of CockroachDB

Build your hackathon project on CockroachDB's open source and indestructible SQL database. Utilize CockroachDB in your hack for a chance to win a 3D printing pen for you and each of your team members. What's more, if you submit a verified project and are a US resident, we'll be sending you a free CockroachDB T-shirt while supplies last!

Best Use of Velo by Wix

We know how difficult it can be to create a phenomenal website in a short period of time, especially when it comes to hackathons. Velo by Wix cuts down your development without sacrificing on functionality! With a built-in database and fully customizable JavaScript front-end and back-end, you can develop a full-stack application directly in your browser. With Velo, all the tools you need are conveniently located in one platform! Build your hackathon project with Velo by Wix for a chance to win Wacom Drawing Tablets for you and each of your teammates.

Best Accessibility Hack sponsored by Fidelity

At Fidelity, accessibility is viewed as a major key to the success of their business, which is why they are challenging you to come up with innovative ways to make tech more accessible! We want you to use your hacking skills to find and build solutions that put opportunities and resources within reach to all communities. The team with the best accessibility hack will win a Fidelity branded wireless charger for each team member!

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Eduardo Preciado

Eduardo Preciado
ACM Alumnus and Software Engineer at Justworks

Sreya Das

Sreya Das
ACM Alumna and Software Engineer at JPMorgan Chase

Joseph Delgado

Joseph Delgado
CS490 Professor, ACM Alumnus and Software Engineer

ACM 2022 Eboard

ACM 2022 Eboard
Association for Computing Machinery, NJIT Student Chapter

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
  • Innovativeness
  • Functionality

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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